U.S. Grocery Stores Don't Carry Many African Ingredients

Luckily, you've found a designated African grocery store

You can't prepare your favorite African dishes without authentic ingredients. But unfortunately, U.S. grocery stores are severely lacking in African foodstuffs. Don't worry - Bella African Market likely sells what you're searching for.

Established in 2015, Bella African Market has been a go-to for items like...

Ghana Yam
Goat Meat
Herbs and Spices
Packaged Snacks
Agege Bread

Everything you see on our shelves has been imported from Africa, so you know the ingredients you're purchasing are the real thing. Visit Bella African Market today to pick up the ingredients you need for all your family meals.

Visit our family restaurant across town

Want to enjoy authentic, freshly prepared African food in Killeen, TX? You can at Oreofe African Restaurant. Our family uses ingredients from Bella African Market to prepare traditional dishes like...

Jollof rice
Fried Rice
Egusi Sauce

Swing by Oreofe African Restaurant for lunch or dinner to enjoy tasty dishes made from the finest imported ingredients.

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